Nyonya Expands Across the Street

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Chinatown’s beloved Malaysian joint Nyonya is in the midst of building a new location at 199 Grand, and an employee tells us the current location at 194 Grand will move across the street in one or two months. Though workers are still coming in and out of the space, the State Liquor Authority granted a liquor license a couple of weeks ago, and a glimpse inside revealed an abundance of chairs already set up. The menu, an employee tells us, will be “more or less the same,” but presumably you won’t have to be smooshed up against the wall while you wait for a table here. Elsewhere in the neighborhood, Little Italy longtimer Grotta Azzurra just snagged a liquor license to open a wine shop at 177 Mulberry Street (a former jewelry shop), but don’t expect to see it anytime soon. “We’ve pushed back on that,” says an employee there. “It’s going to be six months to a year.”