New $1 Slice Joint Offers Hot-Dog Neapolitan

Photo: Courtesy of Sliceria

Speaking of the Neapolitan explosion, a reader tells us Sliceria is now serving $1 slices and $8 pies in Sunset Park. Of course it’s also selling meatballs (and some spaghetti dishes) as well as a “Wurstel” consisting of Nathan’s hot dogs on a classic Neapolitan pie. The owners are a “hardworking Italian family” (per the website), and their mission? “As the thin-crust pizza craze continues in America we have opted to return to our New York roots and promote the Classic Slice.” Interesting take — the plain ol’ New York slice as an endangered species? Well, the $1 slice sure is, we’ll give them that …

Sliceria, 6016 Fifth Ave., Sunset Park, Brooklyn; 718-439-5828