Motorino May Take Una Pizza Napoletana Space

Photo: Youngna Park

The bad news, from Eater: Una Pizza Napoletana owner Anthony Mangieri bought a ticket to the West Coast (he don’t care what you say anymore, because it’s his life) and it looks like his beloved pie joint is not long for this world. The good news: Motorino is looking to move in. Hey, at least that brick-fired wood oven will be in use more than just four days out of the week. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the sudden flourishing of pie joints, including Motorino, is what helped drive Mangieri out of the city? (Eh, we’re probably just projecting our occasional exasperation with the 5,000 restaurant blogs that have popped up since Grub Street launched.) Anyway, if you haven’t had the pleasure of UPN before, now may be the time to get in on it.

PizzaWire: Motorino/Una Pizza Switcheroo Looking Likely [Eater]