Lemongrass Grill Accused of Withholding $770,000 From Workers


And history repeats itself: Last year, Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo busted the owners of Saigon Grill for compensating their delivery men woefully, and now he’s going after the Thai chain that once had a location across the street on University Place, Lemongrass Grill, for paying workers at its various locations as little as $2.08 per hour ($25 a day for ten-to-twelve-hour shifts). So far, the estimated underpayment totals $770,000 over the last six years, City Room reports. Of course we’ve seen this countless times, but the kicker is, once owner Hann Low learned of the still-ongoing investigation, he started paying workers more, but still not minimum wage! Will these places ever learn?

Thai Restaurant Accused of Underpaying Labor [City Room/NYT]