IX Tapa Cantina’s Plans in Pasadena


Jack Huang is not only the owner of Pasadena’s popular Villa Sorriso and Bar Celona eateries, he is clearly the restaurant-saturated town’s favorite pun-meister too. Humor snobs, beware, and dining snobs, rejoice, because Jack’s at it again with IX Tapa, his coming cantina that reconquesta’d the Moose McGillycuddy’s Pub/Fred’s Cantina space on Colorado Blvd.

While we wonder how massacred the name, inspired by Mexico’s beach resort destination Ixtapa, is going to get, we’re more curious about the menu, which is yet to see the light of any computer screen. We have been told that it will be Mexican with small plates, and “higher end than most in the area,” but the chef is also yet to be announced.

In any case, we rejoice that Pasadena is to have one more non-chain, non-frat heavy location. IX Tapa currently plans to cut ribbon come fall.