Il Buco Chandelier Saves Marriage

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Although Il Buco no longer sells antiques in its Bond Street space, one of the restaurant’s chandeliers is now in Mad Men star Christina Hendricks’s L.A. home. She loved the fixture and yearned for it for years, so her fiancé, Geoffrey Arend, decided she would have it, and that he would propose marriage underneath it. Despite his lovelorn pleas, Il Buco owner Donna Lennard was reluctant to part with it, however, so Arend appealed to renowned lighting designer Warren Muller, who created the piece. “I told him the story, and he was really touched by it. And I said, ‘I have one more idea. I’ll send you a check, you make a new chandelier, you bless her restaurant with love from us, and then you bring that chandelier back to me, and you bless my marriage with love,” Arend told us last night at the Cinema Society screening of his new movie (500) Days of Summer. Muller made a new, different chandelier for Il Buco and sent the original out to L.A. “I went through this whole ordeal; it was like my own slaying of a dragon,” Arend said. “And I finally got it and I hung it in her house, and I proposed underneath it, and it was incredible.” Fortunately, Hendricks said yes, and the two are planning to marry in October. We hear unconfirmed rumors that their wedding reception will be at — you guessed it — Il Buco.