Heartland Brewery Expands Into Limited Editions: Chocolate Ale, Anyone?

A vat is installed in the Greenpoint brewery.
A vat is installed in the Greenpoint brewery. Photo: Melissa Hom

We’ve already noted that Brooklyn Brewery is supplying a delectable (if rather pricey) limited-edition beer to DBGB, and now Heartland Brewery will start offering small batches to select restaurants as well. Brewmaster Kelly Taylor tells us he and owner Jon Bloostein picked up a couple of 180-keg and 200-keg tanks from Old Dominion Brewing Co. in Dulles, Virginia, and once they’re operational, they’ll increase Heartland’s production capacity by 25 percent. The first quarterly limited-edition brew (debuting in September) will be an Imperial Smiling Pumpkin Ale or a Belgian Chocolate Ale made with cocoa nibs. The brewery is also experimenting with herbs from its neighbor, the Greenmarket, as well as New York–grown hops. For what it’s worth, our vote is for the chocolate beer.