When You’re Proposing to Someone, Remind Them You Have Rooftop Pool Access

Photo: Courtesy of Soho House

With ex-wives being held hostage and girlfriends offing their celebrity husbands in bed, let’s end today on a feel-good note, shall we? Yesterday a native New Yorker and Soho House member who prefers to remain nameless squired his girlfriend of eighteen months, an Eastern European who shall also remain nameless, up to the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel. He invited his beloved to direct her gaze to the Soho House’s roof, and after he signaled a club employee via text message, this is what she saw. She said yes, and everyone broke into applause. The romantic in us says “awwww.” The blogger in us says “Gansevoort rooftop? Really? Dude couldn’t swing pre-opening access to the Standard’s?” Either way, nowhere near as great as this proposal.