Freemans Introduces ‘Healthy’ Piedmontese Beef Burger

Photo: Courtesy of Freemans

Freemans has never been known for its burger (in fact, we don’t remember ever seeing one on the menu, though we’re assured it was), but now it’s getting into the glamburger game. Chef Preston Madson tells us he’s now using ground Piedmontese beef, derived from cows that are grass-fed without growth hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics and then finished with vegetarian grain feed. Madson says that the leaner breed of cow produces a more muscular meat that, when turned into a patty, tastes more like ground steak, which of course is what everyone loves about the Minetta burger. (He also mentioned “health” benefits, but we’re ignoring that because we never again want to hear “hamburger” and “omega-3” in the same sentence.) Insieme has also served a Piedmontese burger, albeit one rich with lardo. This “healthy” one costs $14 with fries — if you want to try it at home, exotic meat purveyor Fossil Farms sells the patties (two to a package) for $5.95.