Franklin Becker Debuts the Abe & Arthur’s Burger


Franklin Becker loves him some burgers — he reinterpreted Minneapolis’s cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy at Sheridan Square, and he and Michael Ferraro added La Frieda sliders to the menu at Delicatessen. So when we read on Down by the Hipster that he was debuting the “Abe & Arthur’s Burger” at Estate in the Hamptons this weekend, we thought we’d ask him what exactly to expect. After all, the chef was forthcoming enough when he told us about those other menu items. But this, folks, is the hallowed burger. So when we contacted reps for details, they would only shoot back a vague statement: “We are excited to debut the ABE & ARTHUR’S Burger at The ESTATE in Sag Harbor this weekend. It’s a great opportunity for friends, for the first time, to enjoy the unique blend of three meats in our ABE & ARTHUR’S burger.” Three cuts of beef, huh? Sounds very Black Label. And the pre-opening burger hype/secrecy is very Minetta Tavern, too. Well played, PR!