Food Blogger Splurges for Veselka’s Mural

Photo: Youngna Park

Oh man, we’re totally jealous of Always Hungry New York — the site’s founder, Jeff Zalaznick, went ahead and splurged for Veselka’s mural, Veselkhiarascuro, and now it’s hanging on his office wall. (The price dropped from the $15,000 figure that artist Arnie Charnick quoted us in January.) Meanwhile all we have is a 2005 baby Jesus calendar we got from El Sombrero (the consolation prize we got when we attempted to acquire its awesome folk art). More fun facts about the painting: Eight of the 85 figures have more than three arms since people moved as they were painted, and Charnick, who was a short-order cook for eighteen years, hid his self-portrait in a newspaper. He lives by the motto: “Confucius says many men swallow, but few men chew.” Congrats, Always Hungry.

AlwaysInformed: Veselkhiarascuro [Always Hungry]