Early Tony’s Pizzeria Napoletana Response Vehement, Mixed


As they are wont to do, Chowhounds have been all abuzz with strong opinions about Tony’s Pizzeria Napoletana, though at a month old there’s no formal review. Two different threads headed by two different raves have tackled the new place, with a primarily positive response. One naysayer went after the cap imposed on Margherita pizza production (only 73 will be made daily) calling it a “silly marketing gimmick,” and also attacked the crust: “It had a thin chewy crust and is more flimsy style in that it will not stay flat unless you hold it. I felt it could use more salt.” Others criticized his signature dough-throwing (“that is not proper per my pizzaiolo brother in law”).View image

But overall, the hounds were impressed with the variety of styles and the quality of the crust. In his rave at the top of Monday’s thread, Shane Greenwood said, “Margarita has great fresh flavors with the right amount of char and chew.” Others seemed equally blissed out, with rworange proclaiming the New Haven-style clam and garlic pie the “holy grail.” Still, the vehemence of the naysayers leaves us with the impression that this place is still finding its legs. Perhaps there’s a reason professional reviewers wait three months.

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