Dude! SLA Will Speak From On High About Beer Pong

Photo: Getty Images

Were on pins and needles, folks, because during its last full board meeting, the State Liquor Authority made a declaratory ruling about one of the most important issues of our time: beer pong. A declaratory ruling, in case youre not familiar with the ins and outs of the SLA, is when an elected official or a business owner asks the Authority to clarify its position on a certain matter. Apparently someone wasnt sure about the legality of throwing Ping-Pong balls into crappy beer, and so the SLA will soon release a statement clarifying the conditions under which it can or cannot occur in a bar (it has previously fined establishments when gambling or unlimited drinks were involved). Isnt this exciting? Well let you know once its written in stone this could send seismic ripples across the Murray Hill drinking scene, especially among these flip-cup destinations.