Drink for Less than a Dollar at N9NE Steakhouse


With a promotion touting a 99¢ menu, you’d think N9NE Steakhouse is taking a page from fast-food restaurants and el cheapo housewares stores. Except that what you get for your short dollar isn’t an insipid cheeseburger or a pack of misspelled dental floss: friends, you get a drink. Every night through the end of July, the restaurant’s pricing one drink for couch-cushion change: tonight’s single malt scotch, tomorrow’s mai tais. Farther down the road look for Anchor Steam beer, Junipero gin, and — for the sleepy ones — Starbucks coffee liqueur. Read on for the full cheap-drinks calendar.

Monday, July 13 - Single Malt Scotch
Tuesday, July 14 - Mai Tais
Wednesday, July 15 - Red Stag by Jim Beam
Thursday, July 16 - Margaritas
Friday, July 17 - Anchor Steam Beer
Saturday, July 18 - Bartender’s choice
Monday, July 20 - Patron XO Café
Tuesday, July 21 - Right Gin + tonic
Wednesday, July 22 - Absinthe
Thursday, July 23 - Wapatuli Punch
Friday, July 24 - Margaritas
Saturday, July 25 - Bartender’s choice
Monday, July 27 - Vodka + soda
Tuesday, July 28 - Junipero Gin + tonic
Wednesday, July 29 - Starbucks Coffee Liquor
Thursday, July 30 - ghostini
Friday, July 31 - Anchor Steam Summer Ale