Domino’s Delivery Workers Say They Were Left on the Side of the Road


If you’re the one New Yorker who eats chain pizza, this may be a reason to switch to Pizza Hut’s iPhone app. A trio of former Domino’s delivery drivers who worked at the store on 125th Street and Rockaway Boulevard in Queens has launched a class-action lawsuit against the chain’s New York State locations for failure to pay minimum wage. Though Domino’s pays its drivers somewhere around minimum wage as well as a set amount per delivery, plaintiffs Ernesto Bodon, Kevin Curry, and Donna Annunziato allege that it wasn’t enough to cover required repairs as well as the purchase of insurance, gas, maps, flashlights, cell-phone service, and batteries. The suit also alleges that workers had to foot the bill for the black dress slacks and nonslip shoes they were required to wear, as well as laundry expenses. They say they also weren’t allowed to retain the “delivery charge” that most customers assumed was a tip. All of this, it’s said, pushed their salaries below minimum wage. Take a look at the complaint below.

Ernest Bodon et al. vs. Domino’s Pizza, LLC [PDF]