Discounts Hurt Chain Restaurants; Las Vegas Business Down


The deep discounts chain restaurants have been offering to attract cash-strapped consumers are negatively affecting their bottom lines. [WSJ]

Steakhouse-quality beef is increasingly available at supermarkets. [WSJ]

A new Zagat survey found that 61 percent of New Yorkers are cooking at home more often than they were before the economic crisis. [NYDN]

Las Vegas restaurants are not doing so hot in the recession. [NYT]

Frank Bruni explains that if you're seated at a bad table while good tables go unused, it's not necessarily because the restaurant hates you poor judgment and flaky customers are more often the culprit. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

7-Eleven is planning a huge expansion and will open more than 200 stores this year alone. [NYT]

Will Goldfarb is marketing a line of molecular-gastronomy equipment for chefs. [Life Vicarious]

Next spring's Manhattan Cocktail Classic will bring together cocktail experts like Sasha Petraske and Pegu Club's Audrey Sanders. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

The film adaptation of Julie & Julia doesn't mention author Julie Powell's affair. [NYP]

F. Martinelli, the "old style New York deli" from Boar's Head, appears to be shuttered. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

Gross: A German tourist claims he found a bloody tampon in his steak at the Bull & Bear in the Waldorf-Astoria. [WABC 7]