Co. Takes a Break, Considers Joining Veloce in Delivery Game

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Some news from Jim Lahey et al.: “Co. is taking a break next week to give the wonderful and hardworking staff a much needed break and for some renovations. We’ll be closed Sunday, July 5th - Sunday, July 12th. During the team’s time off, we’ll be developing a new summer menu that will roll out shortly after we reopen on July 14th. Plus, we’re also entertaining the idea of possibly incorporating a delivery service soon after the reopen!” Interesting. Also delivering these days is Veloce Pizzeria, and it’s doing something pizzerias like Lombardi’s and L’asso won’t: delivering their clam pie, sometimes available as a special. (Lombardi’s used to deliver theirs, but says it got too many customer complaints when steam trapped in a pizza box caused the clams to become rubbery.) Delivery parameters are between 10th Street and Houston and between Second Avenue and Avenue A. The pizzeria also has a special from noon till 2 p.m. and from midnight till 2 a.m.: A mushroom or margherita slice plus a salad and a beer or wine is $10.