Chodorow Finally Closing Ono, Contemplates an Izakaya

A service station at Ono in total disrepair.  El Chod, where are you?
A service station at Ono in total disrepair. El Chod, where are you? Photo: Ben Leventhal

Though it is technically still open, the fate of Jeffrey Chodorow’s Ono at the Gansevoort Hotel has been unclear for quite a while now. It’s currently in a state of disrepair (see photo), Ago-at-the-end style, going through the motions for hotel guests. According to a source familiar with the project, the end will finally come when it closes for renovations in late September. As for what will replace it? At one time, the word was that it was being converted into a Maxim Prime, though that whole business seems to have been aborted, in New York and elsewhere. And then there was to be a more mild change, according to Gansevoort owner and meatpacking district menace Michael Achenbaum, who said that, “the new concept will incorporate many of Ono’s best-selling items but will expand certain offerings, like sushi.”

Now, with details emerging on the new club replacing the Garden of Ono — specifically, that it’ll take over a large portion of the Ono restaurant — what’s clear is that Ono is getting a dramatic overhaul and downsizing, probably name included. One rumor we’ve heard from a good source is that the Chodster is considering turning Ono into a Far East izakaya-style bar. Speakeasy-meets-meatpacking-meets-Chodorow. Now that there’s construction afoot around him, expect the big man to announce his plans soon — although if it’s a speakeasy, our suggestion is that he roll anti-Chod and open the whole thing without saying a word.

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