Canadian Fails to Grasp That New York Is Center of Hot-Dog Universe


Happy Canada Day, folks, and happy National Hot Dog Month! It just so happens that a Canadian filmmaker who goes by the name of dougieluv is in town filming an upcoming documentary about America’s obsession with the wiener. (The premise: Dougie and his crew cross the country in a minivan in a quest to find the perfect dog.) Planned stops include Papaya King, Willie’s Dawgs, Gray’s Papaya, Crif Dogs, and of course the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Dougie wants your recommendations, too (you can reach him via his website), but he may have blown the goodwill of New Yorkers in releasing a trailer (seen here) that declares L.A. “the hot-dog capital of the United States.” Okay, sure, they have Pink’s and all, but really? Dude, just for saying that, you should be locked in a room and forced to eat every dirty-water dog in the city. In fact, noble though his intentions may be, we wouldn’t cry if Dougie were refused service at Nathan’s (since 1916, and don’t you forget it!).