Butcher Bay Sues Community Board 3


This has to be the biggest restaurateur bite-back since Le Souk sued the SLA and won. (Le Souk is still closed, by the way — have you noticed how eerily quiet Avenue B is now, despite the poor confused souls who still take cabs to the club in hopes of finding love among the hookahs? See, this is why you should read the blogs, kids.) According to Eater, Butcher Bay is suing Community Board 3 for failing to upgrade its liquor license despite (so the lawsuit claims) the restaurant meeting all of the CB’s requirements: “(1) history of operating without complaints; (2) participation in local charities; (3) employment of neighborhood resident; (4) uniqueness of applicant’s offering; (5) evidence of substantial community support.” Given that sister restaurant Tonda seems to be underperforming with just a beer-and-wine license (despite its optimistic hopes of full booze after ditching the cursed E.U. concept), we don’t blame Bob Giraldi for being peeved, to say the least, about having to operate with one hand tied behind his back. (Though let’s remember, the CB’s verdict is merely a recommendation that the SLA can take or leave.) We’ll see how it plays out.

Monster Lawsuits: Butcher Bay Sues Community Board 3 [Eater]