Burgers, Burgers Everywhere

The classic Billy Goat cheeseburger
The classic Billy Goat cheeseburger Photo: courtesy cshimala/Flickr

Don’t get us wrong — we love us a good burger, and we love the folks who make them happen. But sometimes things start to teeter awfully close to the tipping point. To wit, announcements pf new burgers from the last week alone: Smashburger is coming. TOC notes that Birchwood Kitchen is launching “burger nights” Tuesday through Friday. The most recent Dish highlights Urban Burger Bar, opening this fall at 1578-1582 North Clybourn from chef John McClean, and “gourmet burger joint” The Bad Apple, which Craig Fass and Mandy Franklin (of the long-shuttered Menagerie) plan to open in early August in the old Feed the Beast space. Which raises the question of whether burgers are the new— you know what, no. We’re not even going to say it.

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