Bua and Wilfie & Nell Brothers Expand to Queens

Photo: istockphoto

We hear that Mark and Simon Gibson, the Dubliner brothers who own Bua as well as New York’s Best Pickup Bar, Wilfie & Nell, are about to open a new bar at 34th Street and 30th Avenue in Astoria. Last time we hit Astoria, we ended up at a newish “tapas bar” (tapas meaning quesadillas, burgers, etc.) called Vikingo’s Dungeon at 33rd Street near 36th Avenue. It was like Medieval Times with a house-music D.J. instead of jousters, and they had a cocktail called a Dungeon Libre that was really just a rum and Coke. Not that we didn’t enjoy playing with the fake Viking hats and the mace (and not that there aren’t already a lot of good bars in Astoria), but yeah, we’re looking forward to the Bua boys’ new effort.