Bruni Enters Hipster Territory, Is Quickly Called Out by Down by the Hipster

Peasant. Photo: Gavin Thomas

Down by the Hipster pokes fun at Bruni for implying that Peasant is on the Lower East Side, in a post that sees Bruni slumming it “out and about” downtown. To be fair, it is right on the fringes, in Nolita (or NoLIta if you prefer — just covering our bases here), and if you’re using the broader historical definition of the Lower East Side, Bruni is in the clear. Then again, it has always been hard to score a walk-in for Peasant’s wonderful basement, despite it being relatively underexposed, so we’re happy if Bruni confuses folks. Now we’d just like to see him visit its newer sister spot, Bacaro, and try to figure out whether it’s in the Lower Lower East Side or Chinatown.