Bouley Introduces BYO Dinners, But Bring Your AmEx Black, Too

The private dining room. Photo: Courtesy of Bouley

When we saw on Bouleys website that itll be launching BYO nights in the fall, we thought, awesome, thisll take the bite out of those $40 entrees. But dont dust off your wine caddy just yet it turns out the Saturday-night dinners are in the 30-seat private dining room, and the tasting menus prepared by Bouley and his new chef, Shea Gallante, will cost you $350. Thats right: $350 without wine. Hey, thatd be a deal if this were Masa or Per Se, where the food costs about that anyway, but fact is, Bouleys regular tasting menu is $95 without wine and $175 with (the chefs menu is just a bit more). Were assured these six-course tasting menus will include specialty seasonal ingredients such as black and white truffles, which might sound good to hard-core oenophiles with money to burn; all we ask is that Bouley stop teasing the plebs by advertising BYO night on its homepage.