Bold New Concepts: The Steamy Corn Cart

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Sure, there are plenty of Mexican grilled-corn vendors around town, but this may just be the first boutique kernel pusher. Check out this cart parked at the South Street Seaport and serving cups of steamed corn in five varieties: Tasty (butter, salt), Cheesy (butter, salt, Parmesan), Citruluscious (butter, salt, Parmesan, lemon juice), Firetastic (butter, salt, Parmesan, chile pepper, black pepper, garlic powder), and Sweetie (butter, honey). Prices for the “healthy snacks” (really? Even with butter, salt, and Parmesan?) range from $2.95 for a “regular” cup to $4.50 for a “major.” The cart, which was sadly unmanned when we spotted it, is labeled with “facts about corn” and claims: “Our corn is picked, not cut, to keep the milky juice inside. Real, juicier, creamy, more nutritious, smooth and plump, so enjoy your Milky Sweet Corn in the cup.” Sorry, we’re still struggling with the word Citruluscious.