First Look at Bhatti Indian Grill, Now Serving Punjabi Kebabs


This week, Curry Hill got a newcomer in Bhatti Indian Grill. Punjabi co-owner Gaurav Anand (also a partner in the Kabab Factory) insists he’s a cut above the neighbors. His recipes, which he says he picked up from the best chefs back home, are authentically North Indian, meaning ingredients like ketchup don’t sneak in. Kebabs are made to order, using lava rocks and a bhatti grill rather than a clay oven that might dry them out. Anand’s boldest claim: He says his lamb chops are the best in the city thanks to his grinding of fresh fenugreek, among other leaves, to make his own spices. It remains to be seen whether they’re as tender as he says, but you can’t deny the lunch deal: With an emphasis on freshness, there’s no buffet, but $9.95 (or $7.95 for the vegetarian special) gets sit-down diners an unlimited amount of the kebabs of the day, plus a salad, three vegetable dishes, biryani, and dessert. Check out the menu and take a look inside.

Bhatti menu

Bhatti Indian Grill, 100 Lexington Ave., nr. 27th St; 212-683-4228