Appleman Kills Urbino Plan; May Move to New York

Photo: Getty Images

Nate Appleman told Grub Street this week that his new restaurant, Urbino was on track for spring. So what’s the plan now that Appleman has suddenly left A16 and SPQR? “Urbino isn’t happening,” said the chef in a brief e-mail. Considering that construction on the space hadn’t even started, walking away may not be so difficult, or dramatic. A16 reps, who hadn’t heard of the departure plans before Monday morning, were surprised by the announcement, but not concerned: “The same people who were cooking last week are cooking this week and will be cooking next week.” Just not Appleman, for whom the plot thickens. A serious New York chef writes in to say, “You didn’t hear it from me. But word amongst chef world in Napa that Nate Appleman is moving to New York.”

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