Anthony Mangieri Closes Una Pizza Napoletana, Hands Keys Over to Motorino

Photo: Hannah Whitaker

Its better to burn out than fade away, and thats definitely what Una Pizza Napoletana has done by closing on the heels of being ranked the No. 3 pizza in town by the Times and No. 2 by New York. Diners Journal confirms rumors that Una Pizza Napoletana owner Anthony Mangieri is headed for the West Coast, and if you didnt heed our advice to hot-step it to the pizzeria while there was still time, youre out of luck: Its gone, gone, gone, and Motorino (New Yorks No. 8 pizzeria) will be opening up in the space in a few weeks. Says Diners Journal: Mathieu Palombino, chef and co-owner of Motorino, said that Mr. Mangieri had sold him his lease today, turned over the keys and will ask the authorities to transfer his liquor license. Mr. Palombino said that when he left, Mr. Mangieri took some personal effects shoes, watch, some pictures of his family, the Madonna. Motorino isnt one of the newfangled pizzerias that Mangieri calls out in this weeks episode of the magazine, but now we know why Mangieri had no qualms about burning bridges. This is from Michael Idovs profile in this weeks New York.

Mangieris take on his competition is similarly pointed, to say the least: Luzzos pizza is garbage, Kestés tastes like shit. Theres no love, he says of the latter. The idea that something hes been doing for twenty years is suddenly trendy repulses him: Every week, a new place opens. No one pays their dues. They see something that can make money and go, Oh, lets open a Neapolitan place. Its disgusting! Lately, hes been mulling a move to the West Coast, where the lifestyle, at least, is more relaxed.

Make sure to read the rest of the piece, if you havent already it now serves as an epitaph.

Una Pizza Napoletana Has Closed; Will Reopen As Motorino [Diner's Journal/NYT]
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