Amy Sacco Gets a Bravo Show, But What About Top Doorman?

Photo: Getty Images

Amy Sacco has her share of detractors she recently snapped back at Steve Lewis when he pondered Bungalow 8s future but WWD brings news that not only is she opening a Bungalow in Amsterdam, but shes planning a new club right here in New York, and itll all be documented in an upcoming reality series for Bravo! OMG, as if Real Housewives wasnt making New York City look ridiculous enough to the rest of America, Bravo is now going to shine a light on our nightlife scene (or whats so awesome about this city, as Sacco puts it).

Dont get us wrong, we are totally looking forward to this, as long as there arent too many air kisses between her, Yvonne Force Villareal, Patrick McMullan and Donna Karan. This is easily the best thing since Lizzie Grubmans Power Girls. But why not take this one step further and have Top Doorman, with Wass, Angelo, and Binn judging amateur rope-tenders in various challenges: Who can pick out the C-list CW celebrities amidst a crowd of Upper East Side 17-year-olds? Who can guess whether a certain bridge-and-tunneler is from Jersey or Long Island? Or whether a skateboarder is the cool trust-fund kind or just a random scrub? Who can keep out crashers like Shaggy the longest? Or name the most designer labels in a clubbers outfit? Were also seeing a challenge where the doormentestants have to remember and recite all three names of the random socialites and heirs theyve just met (was it Skyler Fitzgilroy-Chase or Chase Fitzgilroy-Skyler?, etc.) And of course the elimination challenge who can sell the most bottles and get the most kisses from models? The possibilities are endless maybe get Matt Levine to host? Bravo, call us!