Alinea Sous Chef Matt Chasseur Wants to Elevate the Bostonian Palate

Photo: Alinea

“New England palates aren’t as developed yet,” Alinea sous chef Matt Chasseur casually mentioned in a profile in the July issue of CS, and to remedy this perceived lack of gastronomic experience, Chasseur mentioned that once he’s done studying under Grant Achatz, he’d like to return to Boston and provide the populace with a culinary education. Grub Street Boston, feathers a bit ruffled, tracked down Chasseur and asked him to explain himself. “That was definitely taken out of context,” he told our bean-eating sibling. “One of the best meals I’ve ever had was at L’Espalier.” But still: “I thought it was fantastic, but my restaurant would be more intimate. When it comes to service, one of the cool things about Alinea is that the service is more casual.”

Alinea’s Matt Chasseur Accuses New England of a Bad Palate [GS Boston]