7-11 Strengthening Its Grip

Photo: Bludgeoner86 via Flickr

Idling taxis set up shop in its parking spaces, people sleep beneath its eaves, more than a few entrepreneurs beg a night’s kip at the door, and worse, we find ourselves there too often at odd hours as a last resort. Yes, it already feels like 7-11’s world around here, with us just living in it.

The L.A. Times Business section reports the company has announced plans to add an additional 600 stores in the next seven years, in a concerted effort to take advantage of plummeting property values. This will just about double 7-11’s presence on our streets, which already seemed clogged with the easy food retailer.

Fortunately, their food is still inexpensive, which will be an asset when they are the only employment option left in town.