Waiter, There’s a Fly on My Menu. Lots of Them, Actually


Sorry to do this right before lunchtime. But we recently had a look at the menu in the front window of Yummy BBQ, a Hawaiian-Mexican takeout joint in Ridgewood. Just as we were contemplating trying the Loco Moco (gravy-smothered hamburger patties over rice, topped with eggs), we noticed the menu was swarming with flies. “Island-style” indeed! Now, we’re not normally squeamish — we’ll eat candy out of a box of condoms, and it takes something like a fried roach to truly dampen our appetite. If an eating establishment’s bathroom is infested with flies like at our favorite yakitori, so be it. But yeah, when the menu on its window doubles as an insect graveyard, it’s clear a restaurant really doesn’t give a damn. Fun Friday game: Click through the slideshow and see if you can count as many winged creatures as we did.