Fro-Yo Wars: East Village Gets Another Self-serve Station

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Our last dispatch from St. Marks Place: A frozen-yogurt stand called Yogurt Station has taken the old Good Dog/Spots Café space. It’s selling Frogurt, the “smooth and thick, almost like frozen custard” concoction that Su Good Sweets praised at 40 Carrots, Zabar’s, and elsewhere. During the grand-opening period, you can serve it to yourself at 35 cents per ounce (each ounce is 25 calories, if you’re keeping score). Forgive us for not investigating further, but somehow, given the glut of fro-yo spots in the East Village (Pinkberry and Red Mango are already on the same block, then you have Daydream, 16 Handles, etc.), we’re not all that curious. We just want Spots back! Oh, and speaking of St. Marks mascots, a while back we tweeted that the giant spinning hallucinogenic pimp cup outside of Gama, next door, was gone. A hostess tells us it’s in storage, and doesn’t know whether it will make a return. Why they would hide this amazing thing in the basement, we have no idea.

Yogurt Station, 18 1/2 St. Marks Pl., nr. Third Ave.