Will Munchies Live to Serve Another Potato-Chip Hot Dog?

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Also on the Lower East Side, last Saturday we noticed a paper sign affixed to the shutter at Munchies, right under its motto “bite into your crave.” It read, “Dear Customers, due to unforeseen maintenance we will be closed until mid-week. But no worries, please don’t cry [frowny face with tears]. We will be back!” Well, it’s mid-week — the sign is gone, the shutter is still down, and the late-night spot’s answering machine is still sincerely apologizing for the unforeseen maintenance (which sounds like a euphemism if ever there was one). Why does this matter? Because Munchies was an early contender in the realm of the gross-out dog, putting chips and cheese fondue on wieners long before Super Hot Dog topped them with fresh fruit. We hadn’t planned to eat here ever again, but for some reason we were glad it existed. We’re rooting for you, Munchies.