Viva Viagra: Viagra Seviche in Harlem and Peruvian Viagra in Williamsburg

Photo: Rebecca McAlpin / Courtesy of Hudson River Café

You’ve heard of the Viagra sandwich. Now two things of note on the Viagra front: Harlem’s prize alfresco venue, Hudson River Café, is serving a Viagra seviche (containing squid, crab, lobster, and squid ink) — during Father’s Day, of all times — as part of a $45 prix fixe that also includes a T-bone and a tipple of Johnnie Walker Blue (so you can get dad drunk and horny?). And, more intriguing, Free Williamsburg reports that the newly opened raw-food restaurant, Rockin Raw at 178 North 8th off of Bedford, is serving a mocktail made with “Peruvian Viagra” (the Andean maca plant said to increase libido). Until the vegetarian joint gets its liquor license, it may just be the only place serving mock fish and mock booze! But we’ll go if only to see how maca compares to “Mexican Viagra.”