Star-Tweeting Runs Rampant at Minetta Tavern

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

Blue Hill had its moment in the Twitter sweet spot, but now Minetta Tavern is back to being the perfect storm of celebs and spotters. Last night, La Frieda’s Mark Pastore: “Minetta Tavern … Vip list Jerry Seinfeld, Bruce Willis, Calvin Klein.” The Feedbag: “At minetta: seinfeld, stefan from top chef with Amanda freitag, jeffrey chodorow.” And Stefan Richter: “Josh ozersky, jeffrey chodorow at minetta and amanda from chopped what a evening the best of the best in one place.” And of course, what would the evening be without a tweet from the Spotted Pig? Food & Wine’s Kate Krader: “spotted pig. Kate winslet expert cigarette roller. John krasinski still super cute.” Tune in tomorrow when we find out who was at Ssäm Bar tonight!