Professional Gorging: Curry- and Pizza-Chomping Champs Are Crowned

At the curry races.
At the curry races.Photo:

Metromix has a slideshow of Go! Go! Curry’s first curry-eating championship — Joseph Menchetti, a former dumpling-downing champion, took the $555 prize by pounding 26 bowls in fifteen minutes. Meanwhile on the professional front, the AP reports that Takeru Kobayashi beat his nemesis Joey Chestnut in a pizza-eating championship by scarfing five and a half one-pound, twelve-inch P’zones in six minutes. This is as if Tyson had come back against Holyfield, since Chestnut had done the unthinkable and beat a seemingly washed-up Kobayashi in the hot-dog competition over the past two years — which should make this year’s Coney Island showdown even more of a nail-biter.