Today in Mixed Use: A Boar’s Head Café, and the Smile Gets Ready for Dinner

The Smile
The Smile Photo: The Selby

If you want a Boar’s Head baseball bat like the one kept behind the counter at Di Palo, BushwickBK might have discovered the place to find it — a café called Golden Stitches, located near the brand’s Brooklyn plant, sells nothing but Boar’s Head clothing and memorabilia. And it has a pool table and an aquarium! Meanwhile it looks like another — albeit trendier — mixed-use store, the Smile, is hosting private preview dinners. We saw an invite for a prix fixe affair on Sunday ($60 for four courses), and William Tigertt of Freemans tweeted: “The Thai beef salad and blueberry panna cotta were winners. Great end for an early summer weekend.” Keep in mind the restaurant-boutique still doesn’t have its liquor license, so it will be a little while longer before dinner is open to the public.