Things That Make You Go Mmmm: Ed Mitchell’s Beard House Encore


If you still havent gotten over the apple-cider vinegasm from Ed Mitchells pork sandwiches last week, prepare to drop to your knees and weep when you see the menu he has prepared for an August 18 Legends of Barbecue dinner at the Beard House. We could just link to it, but screw it, were cutting and pasting it just for the privilege of having it on our site. Best part is, the feast is $165 for non-Bearders, which is just about what Fast Pass holders paid for their BABBP experience. Way more diversity here, and Lord knows, way less of a wait.

Hors dOeuvre
North Carolina Head Cheese with Piccalilli

Bacon-Wrapped Figs with Goat Cheese

Smoked North Carolina Mountain Trout Mousse with Eds Cracklins

Okra Poppers

Soligo Brut Prosecco NV

Pulled Pork and Chopped Hog with Collard Greens, Biscuits, and Hush Puppies
Powers Muscat Canelli 2007

Green Tomatoes with Succotash, Goat Cheese, and Bacon
Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2006

Carolina-Style Ribs with Southern Coleslaw
Cantina Rosa del Golfo Primitivo 2005

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Pure and FigWine Sauce
Charles Joguet Cuve Terroir Chinon Cabernet Franc

Traditional Banana Pudding
Kopke Ruby Port NV

Legends of Barbecue: Ed Mitchell [Official site]