We’ll Never See Billy Mays’s Masterpiece


By now youve heard that Billy Mays (last spotted pushing OxiClean at the Big Apple Barbecue) has actualized one of his sayings, lifes a pitch and then you die. Thanks to YouTube, well always have the Billy Mays gangsta remix, the Vince OfferBilly Mays mash-up, Mays threatening to sham-pow his nemesis, and countless other clips. But sadly, well never see his would-be masterpiece, the Taco Bell ad that a Fox News report says was in the works. To give you an idea of what might have been, enjoy the man working his magic at a McDonalds drive-through.

Update: An exact cause of death has yet to be determined, but an autopsy has revealed that Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease. [LA Times]

Billy Mays Goes to a McDonald's Drive Thru [YouTube]