Stefan Richter’s Restaurant: California Cuisine and Milwaukee’s Best

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

While Rick Bayless did indeed win last night’s street-meat episode of Top Chef Masters (recaps here, here, here, and here), details are finally out about the Santa Monica restaurant that Stefan Richter would only hint at when we last spoke to him. Turns out, Richter is taking over the kitchen of L.A. Farm, and Stefan’s at L.A. Farm will open on August 6. Per the release: “An array of light California cuisine will dominate the restaurant’s lunch menu. Dinner will include numerous unique and flavorful tapas dishes. Indulgent cocktails as well as casual and affordable drinks are available, including Milwaukee’s Best and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Vegan and gluten-free menu options are also available.” And there will be a giant bull with glowing red eyes outside. All very good, but we’d only go if there’s an open kitchen.