Under the High Line: Standard Grill Reveals Itself, Club Moguls Take Former Florent


The High Line isn’t the only thing that finally showed itself to the public last night — right under it, the Standard Grill finally stripped the construction paper off its windows and allowed us a look inside (albeit through locked doors). We had already caught a glimpse of the front room — its central bar, creamy interior, and narrow layout make it reminiscent of Balazs’s restaurant at Sunset Beach in the Hamptons. But mercy — check out our slideshow and take a look at the expansive main dining room. A vision in red. Also, the courtyard beer garden has gotten some tables and chairs. Lots of them. The restaurant isn’t due to open till June 19, but in the meantime (also under the tracks), Los Dados tells us that between June 9 and 11 it’ll give complimentary margaritas to the first 50 diners coming off of the High Line each night. And also competing for skywalkers: Diner’s Journal reports that, true to rumors we heard back in March, David Graziano of Pink Elephant and Corey Lane of RdV “plan to open a restaurant with a menu combining bistro and diner fare” sometime around July 12 in the former Florent space. “It will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and be open around the clock on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, they said.”