Slope Dope: Tempo and Little D Close, Bar Tini and Others Pick Up Mantle


Park Slope favorite Tempo is closing after Saturday night (reserve now if you want to say your good-byes Friday is already fully booked), and a reader tells us another well-regarded neighborhood spot, Little D, is closed. The restaurants website indicates its CLOSED FOR VACATION June 29, 2009, but a Chowhounder who dined there recently says staff told them to expect a permanent shuttering. Well let you know what we hear, but the outgoing message mentions nothing about a vacation, and Gowanus Lounge spotted the restaurant for sale earlier this year. Meanwhile, theres also hope in the Slope.

Brownstowner reports that Tapeo, at 52 Fifth Avenue, has been replaced by a pub, Cyprus Avenue; Gothamist notes that Bar Tono and Bar Toto sister project Bar Tini looks like its opening imminently at 1302 Eighth Avenue; and Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn points to a few other openings in the neighborhood.