Paul Sevigny Helps the Eldridge Celebrate Its Astounding Drink Prices


Speaking of Matt Levine, four new cocktalian luxuries (what the Eldridge is apparently calling cocktails now) will soon be unveiled at a party D.J.-ed by who else Paul Sevigny. The priciest of them, the Houston, will set you back $29 (about the price of a full bottle of the liquor that goes into it). We wonder what Schillers is going to say about this theyve long had a Delancey of their own, albeit one that costs just $10. Anyway, take a look at Charlotte Voiseys Levines new mixologist Jamie Gordons latest libations.

The Delancey
Plymouth, Soho Lynchee Liquor, Basil, Honey $23

The Bowery
Absolut Citron, Aperol, Strawberries, Club Soda, Lemon, Sugar $26

The Essex
Absolut Mandarin, Fresh Sage, Ginger Beer, Blackberries $26

The Houston
Absolut 100, Apple Juice, Shiso Leaf, Lime Juice $29