Paul Sevigny Helps the Eldridge Celebrate Its Astounding Drink Prices

Photo: Courtesy of the Eldridge

Speaking of Matt Levine, four new “cocktalian luxuries” (what the Eldridge is apparently calling cocktails now) will soon be unveiled at a party D.J.-ed by — who else — Paul Sevigny. The priciest of them, the Houston, will set you back $29 (about the price of a full bottle of the liquor that goes into it). We wonder what Schiller’s is going to say about this — they’ve long had a Delancey of their own, albeit one that costs just $10. Anyway, take a look at Charlotte Voisey’s Levine’s new mixologist Jamie Gordon’s latest libations.

The Delancey
Plymouth, Soho Lynchee Liquor, Basil, Honey $23

The Bowery
Absolut Citron, Aperol, Strawberries, Club Soda, Lemon, Sugar $26

The Essex
Absolut Mandarin, Fresh Sage, Ginger Beer, Blackberries $26

The Houston
Absolut 100, Apple Juice, Shiso Leaf, Lime Juice $29