Over a Year After Opening, Baddies Is Officially Opening

Kingswood upstairs
Kingswood upstairs Photo: Youngna Park

Oh man, we almost LOLed when we got an e-mail informing us that Kingswood’s underground lounge, Baddies, “is having its official opening on Wednesday night.” Ha! It was summer of last year when we wrote a post titled “Kingswood Will Officially Open Its Basement Lounge,” and even back then the thing had been open in some capacity for months. But Baddies has apparently gotten some new furniture and a few new drinks and wants to let everyone know you can e-mail goodies@baddiesnyc.com for reservations starting at 8 p.m. (Kingswood, too, is opening earlier, at 5 p.m., so you can take advantage of its garden after work). Okay, fine, we like Baddies, so we’re letting you know it’s really, truly, officially, 100 percent grand opened. Unless of course this is just a preliminary test-run grand opening.