Orhan Yegen Plans to Go Up Against Coney’s Turkish Giants

The offerings at Sip Sak.
The offerings at Sip Sak. Photo: Melissa Hom

Orhan Yegen, the spitfire behind Sip Sak and the bygone Sea Salt, tells us that in September he hopes to open a Coney Island restaurant named Cizbiz (the sound of sizzling meat in Turkish). If he can nail down the lease, the 110-seat venue will be going up against the behemoths, Tacis Beyti and Sahara (the latter being very close to his planned location). Always one to tweak the competition, Yegen tells us, “They are almost controlling the Turkish food business in all of Brooklyn … The difference between serving quantity and my quality will be a very interesting challenge for me.” Yegen will continue to spend much of his time at Sip Sak, but says a former cook from his former home Turkish Kitchen will be his partner and chef at the new spot, where there will be a takeout area as well as a dining room infused with “a little bit of Manhattan lifestyle.” Watch out, Sahara.