Obama’s Endlessly Fascinating Diet Now Captured in Book Form


Wow, this book’s publication couldn’t have been better timed. TCB Café, the publisher behind Sexy Dishes: A Guide to Who’s Hot in the Kitchen (is that Top Chef Jamie on the cover or just a look-alike?), just published The Obama Menu: Dining With Barack Obama. Here’s the incredible selling copy.

One of the innovations of the Obama campaign of 2008 had a surprising culinary angle. The campaign’s famous fundraising and “person-to-person” dinners took place in people’s homes, in restaurants, and in hotels, and ranged from the humble to the extravagant. The Obama Menu includes not only the menus and dinner plans from these events, but also the stories, first-hand accounts, photographs, and recipes. The result is a unique view of this American candidate for president — from a culinary perspective.

Sorry to say, we don’t have a copy of the $14.95 tome in hand, but somehow we doubt the cover comes with endorsement from Alice Waters or Amanda Hesser.