Obamas at Blue Hill: Michelle Sips Martinis, Barack Goes for Wine

Photo: Getty Images

By now you might have heard that our tipster was correct and the Obamas indeed enjoyed a meal at Blue Hill. (Because when you’re burning jet fuel to go on a date, you want to pick the environmentally friendly restaurant.) The nod to locavorism wasn’t entirely surprising, since Dan Barber told us he cozied up to Michelle at the Time 100 event. We asked his people for the night’s menu, but needless to say it’s a state secret — however, the Daily News discovers that Michelle tossed back two martinis! Nice. That’s about four shots of booze — and here people thought Hillary was badass for pounding one. Barry, on the other hand, opted for a wine pairing (ironic given how many cocktails have been named after him). Despite all this, Frank Bruni is disappointed they chose such a politically correct restaurant — one that’s “for the brain and the soul, not for the heart, not for the viscera”; and on muckraking message board Shameless Restaurants, someone wants to hear that Blue Hill isn’t as perfect as it seems. Meanwhile, separate to the dinner, Amanda Hesser is on MObama’s case for saying she doesn’t miss cooking — “Mrs. Obama,” chides Hesser, “missed a great opportunity to get people talking about a crucial yet neglected aspect of the food discussion: cooking.” But heck, if you have crowds cheering you on every time you take a bite of Dan Barber’s rhubarb, why wouldn’t you be okay with other people cooking for you?