No Blended Rosé; The Tax-Fighting Beer Alliance


The European Commission has dropped a plan to allow ros wine to be made by blending red and white wines. [NYT]

Small craft brewers and Big Beer are joining forces to fight beer taxes. [Mixmaster/Atlantic Food]

A new test developed by researchers at Purdue could identify tainted food faster than current procedures do. [NYT]

Boxed wine is less likely than bottled to have an unpleasant green-vegetable taste (or "ladybug taint"). [New Scientist via Awl]

Awkward: On Saturday, Union Square Cafe roasted a whole goat on the street just yards away from a kitten-adoption event. [NYP]

British celebrities, including Terry Gilliam, recently posed nude to raise awareness about the scarcity of bluefin tuna. [Telegraph UK]

Buy your groceries at Whole Foods this week and a rickshaw will cart you home (well, they will if your home is within ten blocks). [Racked]

After almost 60 years making pizzas, Mario Migliaccio of Sam's Restaurant is retiring, leaving his son in charge. [Lost City]