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Nightmare at Dirty Bird To-Go: Roach-tisserie Chicken

Nightmare at Dirty Bird To-Go: Roach-tisserie Chicken

Photo: istockphoto, Courtesy of Raid

This morning a Facebook friend’s status update warned West Villagers: “DON'T eat at Dirty Bird To Go -204 W 14th St — roach in my chicken dinner last night! Name says it all - SO VILE!!!!” Ick. We messaged the victim, and here’s the story of her ordeal: “I got half-roast chicken and just as I was almost done, it fell out - it must have crawled up into the chicken before it got rotisseried and got cooked with it. It was big, too! I am still gagging at the thought.” So did she bug out to employees? “I didn’t feel like getting dressed and going back there to bring the remains — I wanted it all out of my apartment as soon as I could get it down the trash chute. I had nightmares about it all night.” Dirty Bird does pride itself on using organic chicken — in fact at least one source considers it one of New York’s healthiest restaurants. Maybe this is just what happens when your chicken isn’t sprayed with harmful pesticides?


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